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Baringo gerbera | Florein Gerbera's Baringo
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The GerberAquabox ®

For the past 10 years, we’ve specialized in the'The Aquabox', a type of unique packaging. Each vase contains a small bunch of 24 gerberas. The display window at the front of the pack means that the gerberas are beautifully presented.

Florein Gerbera's kas impressie
4 packs of 24 pieces

There are 4 packs of 24 pieces (96 gerberas in total) in a cardboard outer box. The Aquabox can also be supplied with 80 gerberas.

Better shelf life

As they get transported with water, the shelf life is much better. The gerberas packed in the Aquabox are grown and packaged exclusively by us, which means we can guarantee the quality, freshness, and reliability of the delivery.

Kas impressie 1 | Florein Gerbera's
Kas impressie 1 | Florein Gerbera's

Customer satisfaction

If you constantly have very satisfied customers, it is a confirmation of the quality that is monitored day in and day out. Every employee takes great joy and pride in their work. The result is impressive: a true masterly product. We are proud that we belong at the top and will keep it that way. You can count on that.

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Baringo gerbera | Florein Gerbera's
Apollo gerbera | Florein Gerbera's
Carambol gerbera | Florein Gerbera's
Cafe Del Mar gerbera | Florein Gerbera's
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