Unmatched for 20 years

Almost 20 years ago, Florein Gerbera's developed the Aquabox, a water packaging that offers an exclusive and luxurious appearance for your customers. The display window at the front of each package means that our gerberas can be presented beautifully. The vase is immediately ready for sale to the consumer and offers a better shelf life due to being transported on water. Each customer puts together his exclusive mix. The packaging makes it as easy as possible for our customers to sell the gerberas per box or per window. Because all the gerberas in the GerberAquabox at Florein Gerbera’s are grown and packed fresh daily, quality, freshness and reliable delivery are guaranteed.

Variation A mix of up to 6 colours
Type Gerbera
Diameter 12 cm
GerberAquabox ® | Doos voor optimale belading | Florein Gerbera's

Order the GerberAquabox ®

The box can be assembled entirely according to your wishes. There is a choice in the type and number of gerberas as well as the type of packaging. Reach out to us and you can receive a customized offer immediately.

Benefits of the Aquabox

The luxurious packaging offers an exclusive appearance which means that it can be sold directly to the consumer. The shelf life is also better as it is transported on water. The packaging offers our customers the option of selling the entire box (96 pieces) or per window (24 pieces). By packing multiple colours together in an Aquabox, you can enjoy small numbers per variety. Each customer can put together their own exclusive mix. The gerberas for the Aquabox are grown and packaged exclusively by us which means we can guarantee quality, freshness, and reliable delivery.

GerberAquabox ® | Vensters | Florein Gerbera's

Optimal load

The size of the GerberAquabox is 30 x 25 x 86 cm (lxwxh). Our box ensures the most optimal loading of both an auction cart and a pallet.

We are happy to calculate it for you:

  • 3,072 stems per pallet with 2 layers
  • 4.608 stems per pallet with 3 layers
  • 3.072 stems per auction trolley
GerberAquabox ® | Doos voor optimale belading | Florein Gerbera's

Many possibilities with the Aquabox

6 colours per window (this works out to 96 gerberas of 6 different varieties per box).

1 colour for all 4 windows so the contents of the box consist of 1 colour.

4 vensters met kleuren-mix en 1 kleur | Florein gerbera's
12 cm

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Carambol gerbera | Florein Gerbera's
Cafe Del Mar gerbera | Florein Gerbera's
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Apollo gerbera | Florein Gerbera's
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