Florein Gerbera's offers a unique range of packaging and varieties. Day in, day out, we do everything that we can to make our gerberas grow and bloom. Together with our fantastic team, we try to spread the joy that these beautiful flowers bring. Growing top-quality gerberas is our life and satisfied customers our reward.

Would you like to know more about our range or our high-profile, efficient packaging? Are you curious about our nursery and sustainable cultivation method to care for the future responsibly? We’ll be happy to tell you more.

About us, the organization

Florein Gerbera’s, a leading grower of large flowered gerberas, was founded in 1998 by Reinier Zuidgeest. Spanning a total area of 35500 m², it boasts an assortment of 38 types of gerberas. Quality is the most important criterion for Florein Gerbera’s. The continuous improvement of the range and cultivation technique, together with the various packaging options, make Florein Gerbera's a specialist in the field of gerberas. By illuminating the substrate-grown gerberas under a light level of 15000 Lux on average, Florein Gerbera’s can deliver quality year-round. The company also takes measures to protect the environment, which means that Florein Gerbera's MPS-A is certified. With great attention to the wishes of their customers, Florein Gerbera's provides their customers with tailor-made solutions. Just take a look at our special Aquabox as an example.

Choosing Florein

  • Modern company, 35500 m2
  • Latest cultivation techniques
  • Located at the Flora Holland auction
  • Top quality year-round
  • 38 varieties of large flowered gerberas
  • Under 15000 Lux exposed
  • MPS-A certified


Reinier in de kas | Florein Gerberas


The gerbera is originally from South Africa. The wide range of cheerful colors makes you happy when you look at it. The flower itself looks like a sun! Gerberas stand for innocence, purity, and cheerfulness. They also represent the happiness of children. That is why Florein Gerbera's is consciously committed to environmentally-conscious cultivation. We do this, among other things, by investing in sustainable solutions and minimizing the consumption of materials. We proudly carry the MPS-A certificate.

For example, we collect rainwater and we can fully reuse the water from our cultivation using a UV disinfectant. The green electricity we use comes from our own solar panels and with our gas turbine engines we generate electricity and use the released heat and CO₂ when growing our gerberas. Our greenhouses themselves are built under a green label and we completely separate the waste. With the three screens, we grow energy efficiently and we do not emit any light when it is dark outside. We also dehumidify the greenhouse air (with Drygair units) which means that we can sometimes save up to 50% energy. Switching to LED lighting ensures that we grow about 45% more efficiently than traditionally.

Florein Gerbera's is also socially involved. We have a warm heart for local sports associations and charities. In addition, we have an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) installed at our location at ‘De Bruidsboogerd’ and the neighbourhood has been informed about this. We also regularly organize a day for our employees and their loved ones to involve them in modern horticulture.

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Carambol gerbera | Florein Gerbera's
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