The ‘dry box’ is the traditional standard packaging for gerberas that need to be transported. In the trade, this is also called the 612 box, named after the packaging code. Of course, great care is also taken in the dry packaging of the gerberas. Each box contains two cards containing 25 flowers each (in total, there are 50 gerberas per box).

Customers can put together their exclusive mix. Because all gerberas in the dry box at Florein Gerbera's are grown and packed fresh daily, quality, freshness and reliable delivery are guaranteed. With this option, the flowers are not standing on water.

Variation A mix of up to 7 colours
Type Gerbera
Diameter 11 cm
Gerbera doos | Florein Gerbera's

Order a gerbera dry box

Ideal for putting together your own mix. Carefully packaged and beautifully presented up to 3,200 stems per auction cart. We would be happy to offer a tailor-made order for you.

Optimal load

The size of the 612 box is 100 x 30 x 12 cm (lxwxh). Dry transport of these gerberas generally only takes place via auction carts.

We are happy to calculate it for you:

  • 3.200 stems per auction trolley.
Gerbera doos | Florein Gerbera's

Colour mix

We can put together any colours you want. Think of:

  • 1 colour / variety and 50 of the same gerberas in a box
  • 7 colours / different varieties in a card and 50 gerberas in a box
Gerbera kleurenmix | Florein Gerbera's
12 cm

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Carambol gerbera | Florein Gerbera's
Cafe Del Mar gerbera | Florein Gerbera's
Baringo gerbera | Florein Gerbera's
Apollo gerbera | Florein Gerbera's
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